Acutopia PLLC - John F. Moore, L.Ac, MSAcOM
Acupuncture &
Chinese Medicine
Located in downtown Prosser, Washington and serving outlying communities in the lower
Yakima Valley

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are rooted in the wisdom of the ancients, who were keen observers of the human body, and learned how to preserve happiness and longevity that arise from good health.
Chinese Medicine is an ancient system perfected in China millennia ago and still widely practiced in the modern era.

Chinese Medicine can help:

1.  Boost your immune system
2.  Relieve stress, tension, and anxiety
3.  Reduce chronic pain & inflammation
4.  Increase wellness and good health
5.  Improve your energy level
For thousands of years, Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbal therapy, moxibustion, Tui Na massage) has been a dynamic healing method for millions of people.  Now more people in the USA are starting to experience the healing power of this ancient and effective medicine. 
With a 3,000-year history, acupuncture successfully addresses both chronic and acute ailments and manages both chronic and acute pain.  Chinese Medicine is a complete system of wellness that is safe, effective, and economical.
Why Chinese Medicine?
Because it works.  Because it's cost-effective.  And because it is completely natural, without toxic side effects or reactions to drugs.  This ancient form of healing helps your body heal itself.  Chinese Medicine sees a person as a whole integrated being and treats the entire person, not just symptoms. 


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